Librarium released on Android

Do you enjoy reading Latin but don’t have the time to flip through your tattered dictionary? Tap your way through the Latin classics with my Librarium application on Android. Definitions for words are found online, and stored on your Android phone for quick display the next time.

If you know a little Latin, or remember some from high school, Librarium gets you back into reading Latin without all the drudgery of looking up all those definitions and declensions in the dictionary.

Add your own pages of text. Included are a sampling of poems by Catullus, and even the first paragraph from The Hobbit 🙂

Here is the list of pages by author (you can also list by title, recently read, or your favorites):


Tap on any Latin word to see its English definition appear at the top of the page. You can also change the font size and style, or the day/night settings to make reading your Latin more enjoyable:


If you want to override the online definition, simply long-press the word. You will see the full definition from the online dictionary, and you can edit the definition any way you like. This makes Librarium very useful for studying Latin or creating your own text translations.



7 Responses to “Librarium released on Android”

  1. jack Says:

    For importing text is there a size limit or restriction on character types? I’ve been trying to import Apuleus’s the metamorphoses from a .txt file, and it seems to work, but after 2 or 3 second the program crashes.

  2. brady Says:

    How do I import texts into the app? I’ve tried just loading .txt’s onto my phone via USB, but I don’t know where to put it or how to get the app to recognize it.

    • steveoliverc Says:

      hi Brady, thanks for trying out Librarium.

      Mount the SD card to your computer, and created a folder called latin. Put a text file with an extension of .txt in that folder. Then the app will be able to find that.


      • brady Says:

        I still can’t get this to work. Do the .txt files have to have any special properties for them to show up in the list of authors or titles? If I just load a file into the Latin folder, it doesn’t show up in the app.

    • steveoliverc Says:

      So after you’ve got the file in the latin folder, then go back to the app. Create a new page. Then pick the menu option to Load and that shows you the text files on the sd card. Save the new page. Now it will show up in the authors, titles, and other tabs.

      • brady Says:

        Thanks so much. I had trouble getting it to work with my Mac (I think the encoding might have been wrong, the text just came up as a bunch of random symbols), but I used my older PC to load the files and got it to work just fine.

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